Detroit News Update

The forum for Detroit has been updated to the latest version.  All changes necessary have taken place without any problem.  Detroit's website is currently going through some modifications with broken links to White Wolf fansite being updated and the logo for Dark Pack being included from the Detroit server end.  

Storyteller updates: NicNac has switch her Screen Name on both the Forum and Chat to Dreamer, a new banner for 'A Dreamer Creations' will be created and included in the Chat's rotating Banner display.  The 'A Dreamer Creations' logo has been put into place on the Detroit Forum.  These modifications and corrections should be completed within the next few days.  

Chat News - Characters that have been on the desanctioned list for longer than 2-months without a player notice to the storyteller have been stored on hardcopy and deleted from the database and chat.  Any and all forum posts related to that character has been deleted as well.

One final notice, the guest posting to the Comment Box on the Forum has been closed off due to the amount of spam the Comment Box was getting.  If you are interested in joining the forum, please eMail finalnights @ (sans spaces).


Detroit News Update

Detroit has once more returned to its old set up.  If you are interested in the chat or even signing onto our Chat, we request that you join our Forum, the link is provided to the right under the Player Menu.  All information of importance will remain as it is set up, requiring the use of our Forum.  

We would like to remind our players as well that we make a great deal of use of our Forum to keep people aware of what is going on in-game.  It is the players responsibility to log into the forum to get an idea of what is happening and what they can do.  We take great efforts to mark any and all information that may be a Private Scene as private.  If its not marked as such, anyone may jump into the scene and we do mean anyone.  We do not want to feel as if the players are just trying to do their one-on-ones with the Storytellers, there are other players here and we would like to stress they are here and a great many storylines run through these individuals.  You will not get anywhere if you decide to hide and avoid the few players we have.  This is a World of Darkness game, there will always be animosity between characters, not everyone is going to be best friends.  We, the Storytellers, are not going to come forward and hold your hand and walk you through this situation.  We have enough to do to keep things running smoothly.

Detroit's Experience Rule has and is still under a great deal of re-structuring.  We are standing by our current rule for the 3-experience point auto that is given out Every Sunday.  We require at least 1 post, whether it is a Journal Post or a post involved in a forum-ran scene to be done, or we require at least 1 day where the character has been on the chat for the week.  You done this, the characters will get their 3-experience points come Sunday.  However, if you do not show any activity on the chat or the forum, no experience points will be rewarded.  We do not reward non-involvement.  

Any character that has not been active for a month and have not provided a notice to the Staff will be Desanctioned and accumulated experience will be wiped to 0.  Characters will not be deleted from the database.  If a player later returns and wish to play, that character will be looked on as if it is a new submission to the chat.  Any and all storylines that character was involved in at the moment of Desanctioning will be removed and treated as if they did not exist or reworked in a fashion to remove that character from the storyline.  Upon return to the chat, that character will not be included in the storyline even if it's still running.  Again, character will be viewed as a new submission.  For vampires this means having to go through the process of meeting up with your Elder and getting Acknowledge once again in Detroit.

We would like to state one final message, it is not up to the Storytellers to contact players and ask them to come onto the chat or to review the forum.  If you as a player cannot do this yourself, then there is nothing we can do about it.  We are not here to be your babysitters or your secretaries.  We have enough to do for the chat.


Detroit Database

With Detroit's inclusion of Project Voodoo, we have included the Chat Link as well as the link to Project Voodoo on the main site.  Detroit was scheduled to be started as a small invitation chat, but we have quite the number of spots open and doesn't hurt to have the influx of new blood during this time.  With that, the links needed to join Detroit have been included on this main page of our site.  

We request that individuals who are interested in Detroit can pop on and ask questions and get information they want to know about the chat.  There after, if you are interested in being a member, we have one rule and it's a simple one.  To use the same name you use as an OOC for the chat, to be the same on the Forum and Project Voodoo.  This will make things a lot easier for the Storytellers to keep track of who is who.

Once we have reached a number of players we are comfortable with, the Chat links will be removed and we will turn back to our original idea, to be reached first through the forum and have players invite friends to join up.  We are not looking to become a large online chat, so we will keep our player base at a fair size and we are not looking to bring on any other Storytellers than what we have but Narrators are a different matter.

So take advantage of the links to be found on this site and come hit us up if you have any questions and want to talk to someone directly.

Addon Chat and the Forum has been going through a face-lift.  So we hope you enjoy.  For Addon Chat, we have replaced the pawns with Icons for World of Darkness, so come on in and give us a looksie.


Detroit Database

The introduction of the Detroit: The Final Nights database has been successfully installed and tested.  Detroit is using a engine known as Project Voodoo.  It comes with character sheets Vampire and Werewolf, with the option of creating customizable sheets as well.  That is a project that is going to be tackled later down the road.  For now, Kinfolk are to use the Werewolf Sheet and Mortals and Mafia will use the Vampire sheet until a general World of Darkness sheet is created.  But this is not all that Project Voodoo offers.  With the installation of this Database, Detroit: The Final Nights have its own Dice Roller as well.  

Members of Detroit will find the link to the Database on the forum once logged in.  Just like our Chat, access to Project Voodoo can be found to the right of this window.  The Dice Roller can only be accessible if you have Registered (please use your Forum Name as well for Project Voodoo) and logged into Project Voodoo.  The Dice Roller will remain set up this way, will have to be logged in, select the Character you are rolling for and roll away.

We will be updating Project Voodoo both through look and including new sheets.  This includes Mortal and Mafia, we just may include Kinfolk and Ghoul character sheets as well.

As for Experience, there is a spot on the sheets to put Experience.  Once players have their sheets submitted, Storytellers will update the experience.  So you will always know how much experience your character has as it will be on your character sheet.  Experience requests still must be done through the forum.  Also, experience for the week has been drop to 3 xp even on Sundays since the Engine does not handle the .5 at all.  So no more half experience going to be given out.


Detroit Chat Setting

Detroit: Final Nights is opened.  Right now, we are accepting new players with limited slots within the Vampire and Garou venues. Once all the slots for Vampire have been filled, we will no longer accept new Vampires and turn towards In-Game embracing for new vampires.  Once the Garou slots have been filled, we will not be accepting any new Garou but Kinfolk will always be accepted and those who wish a spot for a Garou will be put on a list.  Mortals are not held to this type of ruling as Mortals should and will be the most numerous on the chat.

Detroit will be heavily involved in the matter of politics, for both the Vampire and Garou side of the game.  This does not mean we will not have involvement of Combat it is simply our preference to delve into the political arena of both venues instead.  A game of Social intrigue instead of the constant, Garou vs Wyrm or Camarilla vs Sabbat/Anarch/etc.

Mortals - including Kinfolk and Ghouls - will find that their roles will be more diverse as well.   Just like the other venues, the Mortal characters will have a chance to grow and gain power.  Mortals will find themselves sitting in high position of authority where a Vampire or even a Garou (yes, even a Garou) may vie for this individual.  Does this mean that a Vampire will be going around ghouling every mortal of importance?  They may try but who is to say they were the only one looking or perhaps that particular Mortal has some very power and yet unknown supernatural backing behind them.  

In Detroit: Final Nights, it is not the supernatural who ultimately rule the city but the mortals that walk about the world unknowing of what lurks in the dark and what calls either the woods or certain territories in the city their home.  Mortals are the makers and the breakers really, the pawns of Social intrigue.